Sports365 Vision

Sport in all its facets has countless positive effects: From the positive impact on the health of the individual to the social component and international communication. From our point of view, not enough can be done to support and promote every kind of sport. With blockchain technology and its various options for tokenization and the support of broad-based, decentralized decision-making structures - also known as governance - tools are now available that make a new kind of sports funding possible: independent, universal, participatory.

Sports365 will be the digital currency for sports and athletes in the form of a fungible token, making it the most extensive sports funding tool that positively supports all companies, organizations and individuals in the sports environment.

The basic idea is simple: Sports365 offers partners in the "sports ecosystem" (clubs, associations, organizers, sponsors, sports providers, etc.) the opportunity to actively promote sport regardless of the type of sport, organizational structure or club membership and thus to contribute to and to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Athletes receive Sports365 tokens from sports sponsors (Sports365 partners) for their activities. Thus, active sporting activities have a direct positive effect on the wallet (a wallet in the digital age).

The fascination and possibilities of Sports365 lie in the openness and the opportunities for participation for all participants in the sports world. Whether for athletes themselves, for retailers of sports equipment, for non-sports sponsors as well as for sports organizations, added value is created through the use of Sports365.

Today, sports funding programs are limited in time, limited to certain types of sports, tied to organizational forms or otherwise restricted. Sports365 completely eliminates these limits. It has the potential to become the link for other tokenization trends in sports, such as fan tokens of individual clubs and NFTs of various forms of application.

The initiator of Sports365 is ESB Marketing Netzwerk AG. The company has been on the market since 1994 and has set itself the task of professionalizing and further developing the sports business. This has created what is today the largest German-speaking business network in sports, entertainment and marketing. The portfolio of the ESB network includes over 550 companies as well as 15 annual congresses with a total of over 5000 participants and various training opportunities.