For Athletes

Open a Leondrino Wallet and select the SPRTS token and add it to your wallet. Then follow the instructions to purchase the SPRTS token in the Leondrino Wallet.

Please note that the number of tokens you can purchase through the Leondrino Wallet is limited depending on your user classification and the Leondrino token class the token is currently in.

Quick guide:

  • Open Leondrino Wallet
  • Maintain user profile
  • Identify (Leondrino KYC Check)
  • Add SPRTS to the wallet
  • Click on Buy Token
  • read and accept token sale conditions
  • enter desired amount and pay with Euro or CHF
  • Receive credit in Sports365
  • Done!

Open Wallet

For professional investors

If you are a private investor or work as an asset manager at a family office, VC or token fund and plan to invest larger amounts, please contact us directly via our email address 

You will receive information material and a contract proposal for a purchase agreement (SAFT - Simple Agreement on Future Token) and/or a contract proposal to sign a loan with the option to convert into tokens after they are available for public trading (also called Leondrino Convertible). Depending on the size and date of your commitment, an attractive discount will be offered.

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