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Millions engage with EHF European League digital content

16.11.2020 - 14:41


The EHF European League’s promise of delivering powerful handball content has continued off the court with the competition generating major levels of engagement since it made its debut at the end of August.

With more goals, more saves and more passion, the popular second-tier competition has been living up to its name as a true European competition with over two million impressions recorded in October alone, as the competition continues to capture the imagination of handball fans across the continent.

That is down in no small part to the host of high-profile teams lining up in the group phase, including former EHF Champions League winners, where tough, intense and competitive matches are guaranteed.

As a result, significant interest in the new-look competition has seen 21 broadcasters acquire the rights to show the drama live across the continent.

Almost a quarter-of-a-million eyes locked onto the digital campaign video to launch the competition, while tailored content delivered through Socalie – the platform which gives participating clubs and partners instant access to ready-made clips straight after the match – raised even further awareness.

The strategy and subsequent interest have led to considerable increases on the EHF European League’s social media channels. As a result of the number of posts doubling in the space of 12 months, followership has blossomed by 77 per cent while the number of interactions has risen an impressive 95 per cent.

EHF Director Media and Communications Thomas Schöneich said: “These hugely encouraging figures prove that our investment into the promotion and activation of the EHF European League has been justified. There is a huge demand for fans to consume exclusive and snackable content from a competition which is doing exactly what it promises: more handball for everyone.

“Like handball it is a team effort and we are thankful to the great work from clubs, partners and sponsors for their enthusiasm in driving engagement and visibility – especially during these challenging times.

“We are now looking forward to witnessing the next phase of the season as it cumulates towards its exciting climax next year.”

The EHF European League was launched as part of the rebranding process in the summer that comes complete with equal branding for men and women.

The orange-coloured logo is an abstract version of the letter ‘E’, rotating around the sides of a pentagon – the shape which is referenced through all club competitions, the E standing of course for the EHF and Europe.

In its appearance, the logo and brand sound symbolise the energy, toughness and intensity that transform from the action on court and the performance of the teams to the visual presentation of the new competition.

With a record amount of prize money of 1.86 million Euro up for grabs in the history of the second tier competition, the rest of the season promises a rollercoaster of emotions and memorable moments on and off the court.

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