Artefact is a data science agency and will open one of the stages at Expo Berlin. A presentation with valuable insights for retailers and any company involved with eCommerce:

Welcome to the ecommerce shark tank - here comes your survival guide. The presentation will take you on a journey of discovery and innovation. You will learn about the current state of the development of Data and GenAI. As we all know there are a lot of challenges that ecommerce and retail are currently facing: - how to use data for predictions - supply chain issues like delivery bottlenecks - changes in customer behavior. Companies who want to tackle these topics need data-driven processes. In this presentation we give examples on how to use data to understand customer behavior, how to use data to optimize the supply chain and how to gain more insights to scale the business to the next level. You will be inspired by the possibilities of GenAI and how it can be used to improve your business and use the power of data.

Artefact Germany GmbH
Anna Rüde (Lead Business Development)

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