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Storykit: Your guide to recruitment marketing with video in 2023

If we told you finding the right hire could be a lot easier, you probably wouldn’t believe us. But have you tried marketing your open roles using videos yet? Here’s a comprehensive guide on what to post, and why, in your video recruitment marketing strategy.

If we told you finding the right hire could be a lot easier, you probably wouldn’t believe us. But have you tried marketing your open roles using videos yet? Here’s a comprehensive guide on what to post, and why, in your video recruitment marketing strategy.

Got open job roles lurking on your careers page for a little too long? Let’s capture those recruitment leads. The bad news: posting a link on LinkedIn isn’t enough to get people banging down the door for a job anymore (and it probably never was). The good news? We’ve got a full guide on how to optimise your recruitment marketing, advertise your job roles effectively and fill those empty desk seats. Spoiler alert: we think you should make a bet on video in your recruitment marketing. Read on for why.

Recruitment is often in a totally different part of the office to marketing, but we’ve never understood that. After all, finding the right recruit is a huge marketing job in itself; you have to act as a lead generation guru, telling your brand story in an engaging way, discovering candidates in innovative places and providing a compelling offering that competes with the market. As candidates likely have more places than ever to find their new role, it’s the right time to adopt unique and creative ways to create demand in your hiring when advertising new roles.

“How’s that going to help me with my recruiting?”, we hear your weary HR department ask. A one size fits all approach no longer works when marketing your open roles. Social media and video platforms will only show audiences what they truly want to see, and your content needs to reflect this: today, you can’t assume your content will be seen — your audience needs to come first. Think outside the box and ask yourself, “what would convince the right hire to take this role?”. The chances are, the office will be brimming with great stories that paint a powerful picture of the role, and what life at your company will look like – whether the hiring manager has a funny story of how their job interview with the company went, or the team your recruit will work with could share what a day in their life looks like. See? Once you’re on a roll, making compelling recruitment videos is easy.

Why to use video in your recruitment strategy

1. Tell a convincing story‍

Featuring personable characters in the office and sprinkling in human details adds nuance and builds intrigue in a way that a huge block of text or website link just can’t.

2. Maximize your chance of being seen‍

All social platforms are prioritizing video, and your audience crave it: it’s a win/win! Why work against the tide? Increase your reach, maximize your chances of being seen and build your employer brand at the same time.

3. Find a great cultural fit

The more you pull the curtain back, the more the right hire will get seriously excited about your role. And, on the flip side, if a potential recruit doesn’t think they’ll be a great fit (hey, we can’t all have good taste!), they’ll steer clear, saving both you and them valuable time. It’s a win/win!  

Why use templates in your video recruitment content?

Why work harder when you could work smarter? There’s nothing lazy about optimizing your time, especially when it brings stronger results. Don’t believe us? Here are three reasons why using templates to build your videos are a great idea…

1. Save your team’s time

“Go post something about the job ad”. Sound familiar? With marketing departments, social teams and even solo social media managers facing requests from every corner of the business, it’s so much better to send over an idea or better still, the finished asset (thanks, Storykit!). 

2. Control your brand’s look and tone

Keeping a coherent voice across your content doesn’t mean you need to say the same things over and over again. You can create your own formats, decide how quotes, titles and overlays will look, to make your recruitment video process even faster

3. Stick to what works

When you notice storylines and narrative arcs, you’ll notice they get borrowed (read: steal!) a lot. And that’s no bad thing! Once you’ve worked out what works, stick with it: Vogue 73 questions format is 9 years old, but still works beautifully!

Templates to start creating recruitment content today

Whether you’re a content creating novice or have a content army standing by to bring ideas to life, we’ve got a whole host of handy templates to help you get started. After all, nobody expects you to be Spielberg from day 1.

The 'Sneak Peek' Template

Bring applicants closer to your company by inviting them right inside the doors of your company. Introduce them to a day in the life of the department they’ll be working in, with shots of the office interspersed with a casual talking head interview with the hiring manager, to paint a picture of what their day will look like. Don’t forget to add in the oh-so-crucial details like the snacks in the kitchen and any other perks (!)

The 'Wanted!' Template

Put the social back into social media and activate the network effect by putting a big spotlight on your community. Ask if they know someone who matches your criteria (and condense that criteria to be social-friendly, of course!). If the law of 3 degrees of separation is to be believed, it’ll only take a few comments before somebody knows somebody who’s, well, perfect. Use the text tool in Storykit or your video editing software to bring this one to life!

The 'Culture Spotlight' Template

Work’s not all about the work! Highlight your office culture and the new friends your recruit might make. We’re inherently social creatures after all. Whether there’s opportunities to volunteer for charity or even a regular lunchtime football match, who knows, you might just score a new recruit!

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