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Mehr als nur ein Hype – Frauenfußball auf Erfolgskurs

Am 20. Juli startete in Australien und Neuseeland die größte Frauen-Fußball-WM aller Zeiten. 32 Länder waren dabei, gespielt wurde einen Monat lang bis zum Finale in Sydney am 20. August. Damit dauerte die FIFA Fußball-WM der Frauen länger als die der Männer in Katar.

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PROPROJEKT erarbeitet Nachhaltigkeitskonzept für UEFA EURO 2028 Bewerbung

Die Fuß­ball­ver­bände von Eng­land, Nord­ir­land, der Repu­blik Irland, Schott­land und Wales haben sich dazu ent­schlos­sen sich gemein­sam um die Aus­rich­tung der UEFA EURO 2028 zu bewer­ben. Die dritt­größte Sport­ver­an­stal­tung der Welt soll dabei unter dem Motto „Foot­ball for all. Foot­ball for good. Foot­ball for the future.“ in den fünf Nati­o­nen aus­ge­tra­gen werden.

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Six ways to leverage fan data for better experiences

Using fan data effectively is a lot like making a great meal. You could have access to the highest quality ingredients in the world, a professional kitchen and all the gadgets you want. But unless you’re using them in the right way, you’re going to end up with a poor experience, annoyed dinner party guests and a lot of washing up.

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Five Reasons Why Sport Sponsorship Needs to be Part of Every Marketing Strategy

Sport is a form of entertainment that everybody has access to. The audience, notably referred to as fans, is highly engaged and loyal. Most significantly, sport brings people together emotionally. Partnerships in sports have therefore increasingly captured the attention of marketers as a measure to enhance their marketing mix and reach their goals. Three-quarters of all global sponsoring activities are within sports, which underlines the recommendation that this needs to be part of every marketing mix. In the following, there are five reasons to consider whilst there are many more depending on the actual needs of a brand.

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How To Boost Sponsorships In The Sports Industry

Are you looking for ways to boost sponsorships in the sports industry? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss how best to leverage partnerships with sponsors in order to gain maximum benefit for your respective teams and properties. We’ll look at strategies such as utilizing digital media platforms in the lead-up, understanding key timespans throughout a season or year when promotions work best, and even exploring non-traditional methods that may help boost sponsorships in the sports industry. Join us on this journey as we delve into what it takes to drive value from sponsoring partners within any sports organization!

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How To Share Sponsorship Content With Ambassadors Effectively

When working on your ambassador programs, it is important to ensure that the content ambassadors share with their followers matches your requirements and those of the sponsors. Below are some tips from Sportskred on how to effectively share sponsorship content with ambassadors.

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