RGN Brand Identity Services 26.03.2014

RGN has been a dedicated specialist in brand identity services since 1997.

We have the expertise and the enthusiasm to make your brand identity manageable and affordable. In our view, the quality of brand identity instruments and the way these instruments are implemented, are key to optimum brand perception. To achieve the desired effect we combine true dedication and proven expertise in both planning en execution. In doing so, close cooperation with all parties involved comes natural to us, as does the drive to trade standard procedures for creative tailored solutions. Taking a no nonsense approach we always aim for the best way to make your brand valuable. Just ask our clients! · RGN has operating companies in the Netherlands, in Cologne, Barcelona and Istanbul. RGN is working for ABN Amro, TNT, Ceva Logistics, IBIS Hotels, Intertrust, Océ, Peugeot, Desigual, Nike, G-Star and many other international clients.


RGN Brand Identity Services
Joost Nijland
Stadionlaan 50a
NL-7607 JZ Almelo

Tel.: +49 221 951 441 33
E-mail: koln[at]rgn-bis.com
Web: www.rgnbrandidentityservices.com