SPOBI APP: Ready for Launch in September 2019 13.08.2019

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There is only to wait for few weeks more: during the first week of September, our members from SPOBI are launching a sports data management app at no cost, that goes beyond simple training or coaching tools, to become a total solution to all training, organizing and motivational needs of athlete. The app will be the complete hub for performance data, and the driver for improvement.


SPOBI is creating the perfect interface for athletes & their supporters; coaches; teams & clubs to monitor progress, arrange events, challenge each other, push limits and gain rewards for their hard work & success.

The app is designed to help people improve themselves & build profile, but also to connect people with products, generate revenue through sales & collate data at scale for market analysis.

Compatible with Apple and Android systems, the app combines world-leading performance software with tools for tracking, messaging, scheduling, credit exchange, retail and social media. It can work for every kind of sport, and presents many opportunities for partnerships, promotions, intelligence sharing and further scaling as its user base grows.


SPOBI is creating the perfect go-to platform for organising and analysing all users’ sporting activity. Users will then be able to:

  • Track and compare data and statistics
  • Manage teams, clubs and calendars
  • Send messages, tips and reminders
  • Check progress and achievements
  • Give and receive challenges and rewards
  • Connect to social media to share success stories
  • Access the product gallery and exchange SPOCs.
    Or convert your SPOCs into cash
  • Check their virtual currency account

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