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2Mobile is a company of marketing professionals with a passion for sport and an extensive know how in conversational commerce and over 10 years of experience in mobile marketing. Our passion for sports is reflected in the most innovative ideas which are reshaping fans’ experience, and through special sports activations, we create for our clients and most famous brands. Our ideas are recognized by marketing professionals across Europe and were awarded for innovative use of technology. In conversation marketing solution development we are partnering with the leading global conversational AI tech provider Liveperson and are their official integrator in CEE region. Fast Company named Liveperson as the #1 Most Innovative AI Company in the World in 2022.

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2Mobile: New opportunities with ChatGPT

There is a big hype about ChatGPT at the moment. 2Mobile explains how it will affect the way we communicate and interact with technology. ChatGTP could also revolutionize some processes in the sports industry related to marketing, sponsorship and interaction with sports fans.

17.02.2023mehr lesen


How to increase fan engagement via chatbots

86% of people are likelier to do business with a company that interacts with them in a personalized way. 2Mobile`s solution provides the possibility for clubs and brands to interact with fans throughout the game without downloading an extra app. Fans can order & pay food and drink via chatbot, which can be delivered to the seat or picked up. How does the solution work and what are the benefits for clubs, fans and brands?

22.11.2022mehr lesen

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