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07.10.2020 // Simon Fink

Digital Fitness Check:Which International Federations were better at handling the COVID-19 crisis?

The peak of the epidemic has passed and everyone is wondering how International Sport Federations handled the crisis period. We had a look at the overall performances and at the impact of the measures taken on key KPIs such as views and engagement.

The “Digital Fitness Check” holds its promises and continues to help Federations, Sponsors and Leagues to optimize their digital activities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

This month, we had a look at the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on all International Sport Federations as some were quicker and better at handling the situation than others, despite their size and budget constraints.

The following 8 Federations are the only ones that have even managed to increase their Quality & Efficiency index scores (based on views and relative engagement) and take benefits of the fans being more online and eager for sport content! Indeed, our research showed a global increase of video views by +42% and an increase of engagement by +10% across the 4 social media platforms!

About the Digital Fitness Check

The aim of this project is to help companies to assess their presence on social media for the last 6 months or more and find opportunities to get in front of new audiences. IRIS also offers key benchmarking and best practices information from the sport industry to help companies to understand how to connect in the best way with their current and future fans.

What makes the difference? IRIS has developed unique “indexes” that go very far into the thinking and allow a detailed and fair analysis of the performance and the content. The analysis starts at the post level and goes up to the very strategic level. A cockpit with all the aggregated data is also available on request.


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