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27.04.2021 // Reichel Business Group

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Sports sponsoring offers a wide variety of opportunities to put your own brand in the limelight and to use the emotional stage of sport and its stars. As the organizer, we have the task of presenting our sponsors with new and innovative marketing formats.

Above all, it is important to us to understand the corporate philosophy of the sponsor and to respond to individual requests. It is possible to offer exclusive offers such as talks with current world-class players, high-ranking officials of the World Tennis Association, world-famous coaches, meet & greet with the Eurosport stars Babara Schett and Mats Wilander, etc. These are all activities that are normally not for sale. In addition to the sporting competitions, the organization of a number of media-relevant side events gives partners additional opportunities for integration. 

The high sporting standards of the Upper Austria Ladies Linz, combined with the personal atmosphere, gives sponsors the opportunity to present themselves in a friendly and approachable way. The tournament is a perfect platform for business invitations, where an unforgettable experience can be created for customers. The tournament and the associated sponsors are also associated with emotion, tradition and innovation.

With five days of live TV broadcast and printed sports reports in many countries around the world, the Upper Austria Ladies Linz is one of the few women's tennis tournaments with such a strong media presence worldwide. In addition, the access via various social media channels by the participating players has increased significantly. With a sponsorship commitment there is therefore the chance to make the brand visible worldwide.

Sponsoring opportunities for regional, national and international companies:

  • Advertising space on Center Court
  • Various logo presences 
  • Presenting partner of the "Hawk Eye" (Electronic Line Calling)
  • Tickets / VIP-Tickets 
  • Promotional area 
  • Exclusive side-events
  • Costumer and/or employee events
  • Corporate business events, business talks
  • Tennis Kids Clinic 
  • Partner of a side-event such as the official Players Party, Gala-Dinner, Fashion Show

The Covid-19 pandemic and the following restricitions for spectators and business activities, lead to a much stronger involvement of social media and digital activities. This begins by streaming all the press conferences and official announcements and ends with digital solutions for the draws and the presentation of sponsors and partners.

picture source: Reichel Business Group



Reichel Business Group
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E-Mail: sandra.reichel@rbgroup.at
Web: www.rbgroup.at


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