IRIS GmbH developed unique measurements to help companies to shape their digital strategy for the future. Learn more about the Digital Fitness Check project during the next months with regular insights and best practice examples.

Monthly review of the International Sport Federations digital activities

IRIS has built an unparalleled sporting database that allows entities such as International Sport Federations to benchmark themselves against their competitors – the project is now being extended to Clubs, Leagues and Sponsors.

The aim of this project is to help companies to assess their presence on social media for the last 6 months and find opportunities to get in front of new audiences. IRIS also offers key benchmarking information from the sport industry to help companies to understand how to connect in the best way with their current and future fans.

The “Digital Fitness Check” has originally been created in the lead up to the Olympic Games to help Federations to optimize their digital performances ahead of the Games but has now taken a very wide angle due to the growing interest in the project, not only from Federations but also from Sponsors active in the sport industry.

What makes the difference? IRIS has developed unique “indexes” that go very far in the thinking and allow a detailed analysis of the performance and the content. Their analysis starts at the post level and goes up to the very strategic level.


This month, FIFA, BWF and FIVB occupied the top of the ranking according to IRISPerformance index, which is a smart measure of the magnitude and the echo of the digital activities on the Federations owned-platforms. It takes into consideration the number of posts, the followers, the videos views and the relative engagement of the Federations.

FIVB & BWF were very successful with viewership and engagement, especially on Instagram, and FIFA acquired a lot of new followers (+400K), especially on YouTube. Due to the COVID-19 crisis situation, FIVB & BWF were focusing on creating "at home" content and FIFA introduced a free FIFA World Cup streaming offer on their YouTube channel, generating a lot of new followers on the platform.


Simon Fink
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